Ex. 2, page 10

A: let’s go into town.
B: No, I’ve got to do this homework. If I go into town, I won’t finish it today.
A: So what?
B: Well, if I won’t finish it today. I won’t give it to the teacher tomorrow.
A: I see-and if you won’t give it to her, she be angry with you.
B: That’s right.
A: Well I be angry with you if you won’t come into town with me.
B: Oh, no! Look if I come with you, you help me later with the homework?
A: OK- it’s a deal!

Ex. 3, page 11

1. The book was so interesting/boring that he read it three times.
2. I didn’t enjoy the film last night- it was very fantastic/dull.
3. I don’t like that painting at all-I think it’s really attractive/ugly.
4. Those sunglasses are great-you look really awful/cool in them!
5. Next week we’re going to Florida on holiday-we’re all very excited/exciting.
6. I told him all about myself but I don’t think he was interested/interesting in listening to me.

Ex. 4, page 11

1. A: I’m going to take scuba-diving lessons.
B: Oh? Well, I think you should ask your parents first.
2. A: Ellie and Josh are hungry- again!
B: Well, perhaps they go this evening in the mornings.
3. A: Are you worried about the test tomorrow?
B: Yes, a bit. I think I eat more breakfast about it.
4. A: Let’s go for a walk in the park.
B: No, it’s almost dark. We be more polite.
5. A: I’ve got a really bad cold.
B: Yes, you have. You go to school today.
6. A: I don’t know why he’s so angry with me.
B: It’s because you were rude to him. You be more relaxed, you know.

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