Collin is new at Portland High School. He does not know anyone there.

He does not know his way around the building and gets lost easily. So, he is late for one of his classes. As he hurries, he drops his bag and some of his things fall out.

Some bullies see this happen and start to make fun of him. As he tries to pick up his books, one of the bullies kicks them out of the way so that Collin cannot reach them.

Another accidently kid runs into Collin and knocks him over. The bullies laugh.

Then Simon, a senior, interrupts them. «I think that is enough,» he says.

The bullies stop and look at him. Simon is a popular student. He is good at football, so the bullies respect him.

«Do not pick on this kid. Go to class.» The bullies turn and go away.
Collin sees all of this and does not believe his eyes. He says to Simon, «Wow, that is impressive man. You really helped me out here

Simon says, «Thanks. When we see stuff like this, we have to say something. We all have the responsibility to protect the rights and freedom of others.»

Then Simon helps Collin pick up his things, and shows him to his classroom. Collin, in return, takes this lesson home and helps other new students.

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