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1. This book isn’t written in English
2. Many films are produce in Hollywood.
3. The Olympic Games aren’t held every year.
4. Chocolate are made from cocoa beans.
5. Thousands of Beatles CDs are sold every year.
6. How many cans of coke bought every day?
7. How often is the World Cup held?


  1. We let our dog go into the living room, but she isn’t allowed to go into the bedrooms.
  2. We aren’t allowed eat in class.
  3. My parents aren’t allowed me play football in the garden.
  4. You let take photographs here.
  5. My brother let me use his camera.
  6. In Britain when you’re 17 you let drive a car.


  1. I haven’t eaten any fast food since last month.
  2. My dad have been ill for four days.
  3. My cousins have lived in their house from 20 years.
  4. haven’t seen Jane since 10 o’clock.
  5. I really like this CD, but I haven’t listened to it from a long time.
  6. My sister boyfriend have phoned her eight times since Friday.
  7. We haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.

Ex. 2/a

1. In Britain if you’re over 18, you’re an adult.
2. The opposite of old. Young
3. A six or seven year old. Child
4. Someone who is about 50 is middle aged.
5. A more polite word for old. Elderly
6. This person is over 65 years old and doesn’t work any more. Pensioner
7. If you’re 14, you’re a teenager.

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